Monday, November 26, 2007

Quilt Festival 2007

Quilt Festival Houston, Texas 2007 is over. What a great time and such a wonderful experience. There are no words for how amazing some quilts were. The time and effort put into creating such a piece of art was breathtaking. There were many quilts that had hotfix crystals embellished on them. The shine and sparkle that come from the crystals make the quilt have an extra spark and look that make it look much more beautiful and special. Now I really want to put crystals on everything.

At Quilt Festival, I attended the Bernina Fashion Show. Diamond Odyssey, the 2007 edition of the Bernina Fashion Show, was a colorful runway show of exquisite design, mastery of the sewing arts, and unique embellishments. Kandi Corp congratulates Starr Hagenbring and Judith Baer, winners of the Crème de la Crème and Viewers Choice awards, respectively. For the fifth year in a row, both awards were given to designers who incorporated Kandi embellishments in their garments. For 2007, over 2/3 of the designers in the Bernina Fashion Show selected Kandi embellishments for the perfect finish to their runway entries. Kandi Corp has been selected to provide high fashion embellishments to the designers selected for the 2008 Bernina Fashion Show, Rendezvous. Looking forward to next year!

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Welcome to Crystal Impressions!

Welcome to the Kandi Corp blog! You're probably thinking what is Kandi Corp? Well, let me tell you. Kandi Corp imports, packages, and distributes an extensive selection of crystals, pearls, nailheads, and rhinestuds. Our product focus is pre-glued ready to apply embellishments, commonly called hot-fix iron ons. We also manufacture several Applicator Wands which have been specifically designed to apply these items to a wide variety of surfaces. While the products were originally intended solely for the world of high fashion, we have seen a surge of interest in them from many different crafting interests.

Our retail product packages are produced under three labels -- Kandi®, L' Orna® and Crystal Crafter®. The Kand® line is our general purpose line. L' Orn® is reserved for the bridal market, boutiques, and specialty retailers and Crystal Crafter® is geared toward fun, at-home craft projects.

We are going to keep you informed with fun products as well as great project ideas.