Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Rhinestones by the Yard Featured in Vogue Patterns Magazine!

Be sure to check out the October/November 2009 Edition of Vogue Patterns featuring Kandi Corp's Rhinestones by the Yard!

Vogue Patterns wrote:

Adding shine and sparkle to any project has never been easier than with Kandi Corporation's Rhinestones by the Yard.

Available in 16 color combinations, the crystals come in two shapes - round and square - with two or four rows of sparkles, respectively making them 1/4" and 1/2" wide. The backing can be simply cut to create narrower bands. Easily applied with a household iron or the flat tip on Kandi's Hot Fix Applicator tool, the trim can be applied to almost any fabric and garment surface. The rhinestones can also be applied to accessories, home decor and even papercrafting projects. The sparkles are washable and dry cleanable and can be tumble dried on a low setting. $10 per yard.

To View or Purchase Rhinestones by the Yard, please visit us at:

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Craft Critique's Product Review of Kandi's Crystal Crafter

Jenny Barnett Rohrs of Craft Critique wrote a great review on August 17, 2009 on our very own Kandi Crystal Crafter® HotFix Rhinestone Applicator.

Our Crystal Crafter® Rhinestone Crystal Applicator is as fast as our Professional Touch® Hot Fix Applicator, but at a more affordable price point!

Click Here to see Craft Critique's August 2009 Review on Kandi's Crystal Crafter®

Sue Deese commented on the review saying...
I have one in my craft room and LOVE it! SO easy to use and in no time at all you can add a little bling to the center of a flower, stamped image - anything! Highly recommend this tool!

For more information or ordering the Crystal Crafter® Hotfix Applicator, go to:

Monday, August 10, 2009

CraftSafe Low Lead Crystal Results

CraftSafe offers Low Lead (Lead Free) Crystals -- the only line of Low Lead (Lead Free) Rhinestones that fully compliant with CPSIA Low Lead Requirements!

View our full line of Low Lead Crystals at:

Kandi Corp's CraftSafe Crystalina Low Lead Crystals have great sparkle and virtually non-detectable levels of lead. 2mm and 3mm Low Lead Rhinestones have 10 facets. 4mm and 5mm Low Lead Hotfix Crystals have 12 facets.

There is a significant price savings for a 10 gross (1,440 pc) package, but you can order in quantities as low as 1 gross (144 pieces).

Visit Us at: and click on the icon in the left hand navigation to see details on our low lead test results.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Suze Weinberg demonstrating Hot Wax Art®

CHA Craft Super Show in Orlando July 2009

Suze Weinberg demonstrating how easy Hot Wax Art® is at our CHA Kandi Booth!

Monday, August 3, 2009

Suze Weinberg Hot Wax On....Hot Wax Off.

Below is a link of Suze Weinberg teaching a beeswax class at the Consumer Super Show at CHA last weekend in Orlando using the Suze Weinberg Hot Wax Art Stylus Applicator.

Take a peek at the beautiful creativity that was created using the hot wax art stylus.

You can learn more or purchase our Suze Weinberg Hot Wax Art Stylus by visiting us at: