Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Creativity using Hot Wax Art

One of our talented Hot Stuff Artists posted some beautiful projects on her blog using Kandi Corp's Hot Wax Art. She is very creative and I think that people can get some great ideas for Hot Wax Art by viewing her latest designs.

Check out her blog at:

To view Kandi Corp's line of Hot Wax Art and to view a Hot Wax Art demo video, go to:

Fun Embellishment Ideas just had this very cute & creative "BFF" and "BE MINE" tank tops featured this monthin their magazine using a variety of Kandi Corp's product line. The "BFF" project is a pink tank top with three adorable hearts shaped using Kandi Corp's crystal Style Stencils and embellished with Kandi Corp's HotFix crystals. The "BE MINE" is another fun look using Kandi Corp's stencils, HotFix Crystals and HotFix Applicator.

The article gives you step-by-step instructions, go check it out at:

You can view our full line of embellishment products at:

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Lacking Ideas? No More....

Kandi Corp is sponsoring and encouraging the creative spirit of 13 designers. They are using our sparkling Crystals and our Professional Touch Applicator to add the "pizazz" to their original card ideas. This is just so fabulous! Their blog shows a variety of cards using our products.

No person has the same idea....these 13 designers are sharing their creative inspirations, with all of you, helping you to brainstorm unique cards to mail or give to a friend or family, or perhaps even frame one. Create a beautiful original work of art just from you! Wouldn't that be a perfect holiday gift? Our Crystals give the look of elegance whether its a simple, classic style or one full of whimsy!

Check out and view their creativity on their blog:
And wherever you shop look for our products or order from our website:

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Wax ...Not Just for Candles,,,It's Hot!!!!

Being a painter, I have always wanted to do abstract, modern art, but it isn't my style with a brush. Now I can, with the New Suze Weinberg's Hot Wax Stylus from Kandi Corp. This great hand-held tool replaces the small, travel type iron for melting wax to apply to paper or fabric It's so easy, even a beginner can create a masterpiece!

The Hot Wax Stylus has a great safety feature too, an on and off switch right in the handle, plus the design is ergonomically correct and is really comfortable in my hand. I can now create for hours!

I simply heat the Stylus for a couple of minutes. Once the Stylus is heated up I use Kandi's all natural Beeswax Pigments . I place the heated stylus tip on top of a block of Beeswax Pigment, sliding it around some or using one color on one end and another on the other end of the flat spade shaped surface, then apply it to a glossy finish paper. The designs create themselves! Awesome. No thinking, just playing. When lifting the tip,(the set comes with a large spade, a brush tip, calligraphic tip and a cleaning brush) the most unusual designs appear, like magic.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008


Check out Kandi's Hot Wax Art Video on When Creativity Knocks! Watch an ancient art tecnique made modern with fun new idea and projects.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Embellish Your Style with NEW Crystal Style™ Stencils for HotFix Crystals from Kandi Corp

Portland, OR (May, 2008) Kandi Corp, an industry leader in embellishments for crafts, has introduced Crystal Style™ stencils. Using Crystal Style™ stencils, it is easy to precisely apply hotfix embellishments to garments, paper crafts and other surfaces.

In 2004 Kandi Corp introduced a line of templates with designs for placing iron-on crystals. Those templates were very successful and continued to sell well for years. However, ultimately supply issues caused the line to be discontinued. Based on the success of those iron-on templates, Kandi Corp developed the Crystal Style™ hotfix stencil program. Crystal Style™ is a fun and easy new product line that can be used on any material including paper crafts, fabric and much more. Just fill in the holes in the stencil with hotfix crystals, pearls, or metals and your design is complete! Using Crystal Style™ stencils, the consumer is guaranteed perfect placement every time. These reusable stencils are made out of a heat resistant material that will not melt or burn.

The initial Crystal Style™ stencil program consists of twenty four original designs. New designs will be introduced on a regular basis. In combination with Kandi’s best-selling Professional Touch® HotFix Applicator and Kandi’s popular embellishments, the Crystal Style™ stencils program makes it fun and easy to add your personal style to your favorite garment or paper craft.

For additional information on Crystal Style™ HotFix Stencils and other Kandi products, visit

Thursday, April 3, 2008


Check out this video on Hot Wax Art. It shows all about Hot Wax Art products as well as how to use each tip. It also shows fantastic samples used with Hot Wax Art.

Friday, February 29, 2008

Kandi Corp introduces EncaustiCrafting™ - a new Earth Friendly Craft


Anaheim, CA (February 2008) Kandi Corp, an industry leader in embellishments for crafts, has introduced a new earth friendly craft. EncaustiCrafting is a modern interpretation of ancient encaustic techniques, using all natural beeswax pigments to draw or paint on canvas, paper, fabric and more. CHA response to Kandi’s new line was overwhelmingly positive.

The Hot Wax Art® Program consists of the Suze Weinberg’s Signature Edition Stylus and Pure BeesWax Pigments. Using the Hot Wax Art® Stylus, beeswax pigments can be applied to many surfaces for beautiful new effects. Typical uses include Encaustic Art, Home Dec, Cards, Scrapbooks, Fabric, Quilts and much more. The Hot Wax Art® Stylus has an integrated on-off switch, universal voltage, as well as being ergonomically correct. The Stylus includes three tips: Calligraphy, Brush and Flat, as well as a tip cleaning brush. The Hot Wax Art® program also includes Pure BeesWax Pigments which are all natural, non-toxic, and earth-friendly. Kandi’s Pure BeesWax Pigments comes in a variety of assorted colors, as well as solids.

For additional information on EncaustiCrafting and Kandi’s Hot Wax Art Program, visit