Monday, June 21, 2010

NEW deColourant Color Remover and Replacer for Fabric and Paper

Ever tried discharging colors from fabric or paper? If so, you know what a messy, smelly process it is. deColourant® changes all that. deColourant is not a discharge paste. It is a pleasant smelling creme. In a simple, one-step process deColourant removes the color from most natural fabrics, revealing the true undyed colors underneath. deColourant Plus® is deColourant, with vibrant, beautiful dyes added. Again, a simple one-step process removes the underlying dyed color, and replaces it with vivid new colors.

Non-toxic, child friendly deColourant is the new way to manipulate the base colors of your fabrics and papers. It's fun and simple.

Check it out.

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